Your legacy gift has the power to make a meaningful impact today and ensure accessible and affordable mental health support for Albertans in the future. By supporting Calgary Counselling Centre, you demonstrate your belief that mental health is crucial in living a fulfilling life.  

Every contribution, no matter the size, holds the power to shape a better future, making legacy giving an inclusive and powerful way to leave a lasting mark on the world.  


What is a Legacy Gift?

A legacy gift (also known as a “Planned Gift”) allows you to contribute to your community and invest in what truly matters to you, either during your lifetime or after you are gone through your Will or Estate.  

Planning a Legacy Gift involves thoughtful consideration involving your family and trusted professionals. We recommend you speak with your family and advisors in advance. 


Advantages of a Legacy Gift: 

  • Aligns with your desire to leave a lasting impact for a cause you deeply care about. 

  • Accommodates your Estate plans and addresses matters regarding your heirs. 

  • Made from assets, not your current income. 

  • Provides tax advantages, benefiting you or your Estate. 

  • Supports the growth and success of Calgary Counselling Centre. 

If you would like more information about the Legacy Giving program, please contact Suzan Valenta for details or call 403.691.5943. 

If you plan to include a bequest in your Will for Calgary Counselling Centre, please include:  

Our legal name: Calgary Counselling Centre  

Our charitable registration number: 108091950RR0001  

Our address is:  

#1000, 105–12 Avenue SE  

Calgary, AB  T2G 1A1   Canada


Types of Giving


Bequests are gifts of personal assets you leave in your Will, like money or property or a percentage of your Estate, and a lawyer can help you set it up. You can choose a specific amount, what’s left after everything else is given, or some combination, and your Estate will get a receipt for it. If you don't want to rewrite your whole Will, you can add a codicil with the help of a lawyer.  

Publicly Listed Securities 

You can donate stocks or securities that are traded on specific public exchanges, and we will issue you a charitable tax receipt for the fair market value on the day they were received by our broker. You can transfer these stocks through your broker or financial advisor to Calgary Counselling Centre’s brokerage account; please contact our office for the form to initiate this transfer.

Life Insurance Policy 

You can make Calgary Counselling Centre the beneficiary of your life insurance policy. While life insurance can be given as a gift in a Will, it usually doesn't go through the Will or Estate, so it's a good idea to consult a lawyer for guidance. 

  • If you are the owner of a life insurance policy naming Calgary Counselling Centre as the beneficiary, Calgary Counselling will issue a receipt to your Estate after your death.  

  • If your fully paid life insurance policy is irrevocably issued to Calgary Counselling Centre during your lifetime, you can get a tax receipt today for its full present value.  

  • If you are currently paying the premiums on a policy where Calgary Counselling Centre is the irrevocable policy owner, you can receive a tax receipt each year for the premiums you’ve paid. 

A life insurance broker can help make Calgary Counselling Centre the beneficiary or change the policy owner.