Who We Are

At Calgary Counselling Centre, we help people learn to thrive. Since our inception in 1962, we’ve been driven by that purpose to provide the best counselling treatment possible. Not just the best in our community, or our country, but the best you could get anywhere.

Every year, thousands of people come to us to change their lives for the better. Our clinical staff of over 35 provide world-class individual and group counselling services and programs. We have over 100 volunteers and dozens of committed donors that make our services possible.

We are always learning, growing, and beating benchmarks. We measure progress and know that our counsellors help people achieve their goals — in fact, we have unparalleled results in the counselling industry. We are committed to providing the best counselling possible so people in our community can achieve better emotional, psychological and social well-being. And, we train the next generation of counsellors so more people in our community and around the globe have the right knowledge and skills to do the same.

We are widely recognized as a Centre of Excellence in research. Our evidence-based work propels our practice, informs our treatment methods and improves our quality of service.



Improving the well-being of individuals and families and strengthening communities by delivering best practices in counselling, training and research.


To be the pre-eminent centre of excellence boldly transforming counselling to inspire personal growth and social change.

Client Bill of Rights

At Calgary Counselling Centre, the well-being of our clients is our top priority. As such, we have developed a Client Bill of Rights. The Client Bill of Rights is designed to recognize, promote and protect our clients’ right to be treated with dignity and respect.

Program Expectations

Calgary Counselling Centre strives to create a productive, supportive, and respectful environment with our clients, as explained in our Program Expectations.


We have more than 50 full- and part-time staff dedicated to improving the well-being of our community. Our multidisciplinary staff includes psychologists, registered marriage and family therapists and registered social workers, pastoral counsellors and dieticians. Our interns and residents in our training program provide treatment under the supervision of senior staff.

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We are a charitable organization and most thankful to our donors and the funding agencies that let us continue serving our community. Many organizations, foundations, corporations and individuals generously donate their time, talent and financial support. Without these ongoing contributions, we would not be able to provide our high-quality service.

We are funded by fees scaled to the income of clients, generous funders and donors, occasional government grants, and partnerships which support specific projects. Calgary Counselling Centre does not receive government funding for our day-to-day operations.