VinciSmile Treatment Flow

VinciSmile Workflow in 6 Steps

VinciSmile promises unprecedented turnover times with our 3+4 model (3 days for 3D treatment plan design and 4 days for aligner manufacturing), ensuring timely delivery of each case.

  • Standing dentist

    Clinical Reception

    Clinical examination with necessary treatment. Take photos and X-ray film.

  • internet website display

    Case Submission

    Fill in case submission form. Upload Intra-oral Scan Files, patient photos and X-ray film.

  • Patient information checked and ticked correct

    Approve 3D Scheme

    Review the patient 3D scheme online, submit modification opinion, and finally confirm the scheme.

  • Aligner 3D printing machine

    Aligner Manufacturing

    3D print, compression, cutting, finishing and grinding.

  • Upper teeth clear aligner

    Wearing Aligners

    Clinical operation and patient guidance.

  • Aligned teeth with word ALIGN

    Completion of the treatment

    Fill in confirmation sheet with photos, X-ray film and silicone impression, and then complete with retention treatment.

vincismile upper teeth clear aligners listo of different services provided by vincismile


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